Welcome to SIMRA's 7th newsletter!

SIMRA (Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas) is a four-year project (2016-2020)funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. It aims to advanceunderstanding of social innovation and innovative governance in agriculture, forestry and rural development – and how to boost them – in marginalised rural areas across Europe and around the Mediterranean, including non-EU countries. 

One of the main objectives of the SIMRA project is to create collaboration and learning opportunities where local stakeholders (communities, researchers, businesses) can work together towards the implementation of social innovations, which could leave a lasting legacy in the area where they are taking place. SIMRA calls these project-supported initiatives "Innovation Actions". Find out more about the methodology and our pilots in this special newsletter.

Breaking news about when and where our final conference will be organised at the end of this newsletter!


Find more: https://mailchi.mp/6f330ce8b642/newsletter-simra-7-july-2019-innovations-actions-in-the-spotlight?e=de24587a86

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