Theodoros Mavrogeorgis

Consultant, ICRE8


Theodoros Mavrogeorgis is a Civil and Transport Engineer. Holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), M.Sc. in Highways and Transport from City University of London, Executive M.Sc. in Financial Analysis from University of Piraeus (Dept. of Banking and Financial Mgmt).

He is an expert in transport planning and modeling, traffic management, advanced transport telematics, highway design and in environmental assessment. He has been project leader in various EU transport and energy related demonstration projects such as DG XIII (DRIVE II, 4THFWP), DG XVII (THERMIE), DG XIII TAP (Telematics application programme: ie EUROSCOPE). He has performed various transport and traffic mgmt studies for municipalities in the Athens area (ie Maroussi, Kifissia, Piraeus) and in Rural areas (Sparti, Tripoli, Ikaria) in Greece. He has been involved in the technical assistance of the TERRA projects for the integrated management of remote areas with difficult access. He has conducted numerous Environmental Studies and Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.

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