Professor Ian Bateman, OBE

Director, SCERGE

Director CSERGE, UK, Editor of the Official Journal of European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Lead author on 'Bringing Ecosystem Services into Economic Decision-Making: Land Use in the United Kingdom'. OBE awarded in the 2013 New Years Honours list "for services to Environmental Science and Policy"

While it is human economic activity which has resulted in the major global environmental problems facing present and (to a greater extent) future generations, it is clear that reform of that economic activity provides the only viable solution to such problems. Ian Bateman's interests lie in attempting to achieve this reform by bringing the environment into everyday decision making whether at the highest level, by informing government policy, or at the supermarket checkout by ensuring that prices reflect the true resource costs of production. Much of his research therefore seeks to value the true cost of pollution and the true worth of environmental improvements. 

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