Journal Ecosystem Services, Special Issue on: Marine economics and policy related to ecosystem services: Lessons from the world's regional seas

The Special Issue has been published and contains fifteen papers. One of the papers is written by ICRE8 researchers and Scientific Director, and has the title: 'Valuing climate change mitigation: A choice experiment on a coastal and marine ecosystem'. The paper estimates the willingness to pay for mitigation measures against natural hazards caused by climate change, on coastal and marine environments in Northern Spain. The specific natural hazards examined are (a) sea-level rise, high tides and extreme wave events that lead to floods and beach erosion, and (b) rise in sea temperature that leads to invasive jelly fish outbreaks and changes in native biodiversity. The authors employ a choice experiment to elicit the value the local population places on improvements, through the implementation of appropriate mitigation measures, in biodiversity, recreational opportunities and on decreases in health risks associated with jellyfish outbreaks. Results suggest that people value positively benefits interms of increased biodiversity and recreation opportunities, as well as health risk reductions, and this points to some interesting policy implications.

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