ICRE8 - Athens Office of Resilience workshop

Venue: ATHENA RIC, Maroussi
Date: 10 September 2016

A workshop to investigate partnerships and future collaborations in events, projects and proposals between ICRE8 and the Athens Office of Resilience took place on 10 October 2016 at ATHENA RIC.

The event included presentations of all ICRE8 current research projects and proposals by Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (ICRE8, AUEB, LSE), a presentation of the “Resilient Athens” programme and “100 Resilience Cities” network by prof. Eleni Myrivili and Kostas Georgiou and discussion on future common activities, including the participation of “Resilient Athens” in the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, (Athens, 28 June – 1 July 2017 - www.eaere-conferences.org) and the UN SDSN Greece Network (www.unsdsn.gr) and the network’s official launch.


Sept 10 Programme

Resilient Athens presented by Eleni Myrivili

BlueBRIDGE Dissemination presented by Charalampos Dimitrakopoulos, CITE S.A.

ICRE8 Part 1

ICRE8 Part 2


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