Frontiers in Marine Science December 2016 Newsletter

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Marine Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography and Species Diversity
We are excited to announce the expanded scope of our previous ‘Marine Systematics and Taxonomy’ specialty section, with the new name ‘Marine Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography and Species Diversity’. 
Horizon Scan 2017 Research Topic
Look out for our 'Horizon Scan 2017' review articles. 
These will be published early next year and will address emerging issues in marine science.
Call for Chief Editors in Physical Oceanography
We are planning to launch a new section on 'Physical Oceanography' in 2017 and we are looking for Chief Editors to lead the focus.
If you have any colleagues that may be interested please get in touch at

Dr. Katrin Linse
Senior Biodiversity Biologist at the British Antarctic Survey in the United Kingdom.
Co-Specialty Chief Editor for our newly re-launched 'Marine Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography and Species Diversity' section.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilke
Head of Systematics and Biodiversity Group at the Department of Animal Ecology and Systematics, Justus Liebig University, Germany.
Co-Specialty Chief Editor for our newly re-launched 'Marine Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography and Species Diversity' section.

The Kraken in the Aquarium: Questions that Urgently Need to be Addressed in Order to Advance Marine Conservation
John Cigliano et al.
Published: 27 th September 2016
Views: 2,607
From Science to Policy and Society: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Communication
Marianna Mea et al.
Published: 14th  September 2016
Views: 2,014
Crowdsourcing Modern and Historical Data Identifies Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus) Habitat Offshore of South-Western Australia
Christopher Johnson et al.
Published: 15 th September 2016
Views: 1,758

Bridging the Gap between Policy and Science in Assessing the Health Status of Marine Ecosystems - First Edition
Edited by: Angel BorjaMichael ElliotMaría C. UyarraJacob CarstensenMarianna Mea
The Economics of Protected Marine Species: Concepts in Research and Management
Edited by: Kristy WallmoKathryn BisackDaniel K. LewDale E. Squires

Colour and Light in the Ocean
Edited by: Victor Martinez-VincenteAstrid Bracher,Didier RamonShubha SathyendranthTiit Kutser
Specialty Section: Ocean Observation

Anthropogenic Disturbances in the Deep Sea

Edited by: Ricardo Serrão SantosChristopher Pham,Jeroen Ingels
Specialty Section: Deep-sea Environments and Ecology

Sensors for Autonomous Ocean Observations

Edited by: Douglas ConnellyEric Pieter Achterberg,Jan Roelof van der Meer
Specialty Section: Marine Biogeochemistry
The Future of Coral Reefs Subject to Rapid Climate Change: Lessons from Natural Extreme Environments
Edited by: David Suggett, Emma CampVerena SchoepfPeter Mumby
Specialty Section: Coral Reef Research

Biogeochemistry and Genomics of Silicification and Silicifiers

Edited by: Marion GehlenStephen BainesBrivaela Moriceau
Specialty Section: Marine Biogeochemistry

Integrating Emerging Technologies into Marine Megafauna Conservation Management

Edited by: Peter DuttonMark MeekanLars Bejder,Lisa Komoroske
Specialty Section: Marine Megafauna
Impacts of CO2 Perturbation on the Ecology and Biogeochemistry of Plankton Communities During a Simulated Upwelling Event: A Mesocosm Experiment in Oligotrophic Subtropical Waters
Edited by: Eric Pieter AchterbergJan TaucherUlf RiebesellLennart Bach
Specialty Section: Marine Biogeochemistry

ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2017
Brittany and Marcelle from the FMARS team will be attending the ASLO meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii from February 27th – March 3rd 2017. 
Visit us at booth E-9! 
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2017 Student Conference
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