European Youth Exchange Program "ACTORS OF TRANSITION"

Amerissa Giannouli, ICRE8 Researcher, was selected to participate in the European Youth Exchange Program "ACTORS OF TRANSITION", supported by the Kreisau-Initiative e. V.

It is a four-step qualification course for active citizenship in the field of sustainability and post-growth. (April – September 2016).
To be organised in three countries: Germany, Poland and Moldova)

The goals of the project are:

(1) To empower young people and their community to become active in their civil societies and to foster sustainable development;
(2) To support them in identifying unsustainable challenges in their social environments and coming up with ideas how to meet them;
(3) To provide a basic understanding of the limitations of economic growth and to familiarize them with the concepts of sustainability and post-growth;
(4) To promote responsible leadership, democratic values and consciousness of diversity including global and intergenerational fairness;
(5) To contribute to the participants’ personal development with respect to self-confidence, self-reflection and action competence.

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