EAERE Association 2018 Awards Nominations deadline is March 29th

Dear Environmental and Resource Economists of Geece and Europe,

As Greece’s representative at EAERE, Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (AUEB, ICRE8, LSE, ATHENA RC) strongly encourages you to contribute to the EAERE Association 2018 awards by sending in your nominations. Please note that the DEADLINE FOR SENDING NOMINATIONS FOR THESE AWARDS IS MARCH 29TH!

The EAERE current portfolio of prizes intends to give visibility to the excellence in our field, recognizing those environmental economists who:

- devoted themselves productively and persistently to communicating and enriching our endowment of knowledge in environmental economics through the
European Lifetime Achievement Award in Environmental Economics.  The Lifetime Achievement Award is given in even years and will therefore be announced this summer in Gothenburg.

-  are practitioners in the policy or business arena who have made signal contributions in the application of economic ideas through the
European Practitioner Achievement Award in Applying Environmental Economics. The Practitioner Achievement Awards is given in even years and will therefore be announced this summer in Gothenburg.

- are young and promising environmental economists, through the
European Achievement Award for Researchers in Environmental Economics underthe Age of Forty. This award will be inaugurated this year in Gothenburg.: your nominations are most welcome.

-  authored exemplary papers published in ERE during the past year through the
EAERE Award for Outstanding Publication in the Journal Environmental and Resource Economics. This is an annual Award and the awardee(s) will be announced in Gothenburg.

- authored the best paper in the field of environmental and resource economics, published in the previous two years in a refereed journal by an author affiliated to a European research institution (in the case of joint papers, at least one of them must be affiliated to a European institution) through the
Erik Kempe Award in Environmental and Resource Economics. This prize is awarded every other year, and therefore the next award will be announced in our next year’s annual conference, to be held in Manchester.

In addition to the already rich portfolio  of existing awards, we are inaugurating a new Award to be presented in  Gothenburg:

- ERC Grant laureates whose research focuses on the economics of the environment and natural resources will be recognised by granting them a complimentary membership for the time of the ERC Grant. In exchange, they will be asked to publish regularly outputs of their research projects via the EAERE magazine, communication channels and social networks.

We do hope that these awards may cover a large range of excellence in our field and may increase our membership feeling of community.

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