Dr. Evanthie Michalena

Adjunct Associate Professor , University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia


Evanthie is an energy policy expert, certified with a bachelor on Economics, two Masters -one on Decision Sciences (MBA) and one on Energy Economics-. In 2009 she has been awarded her PhD on energy policy from the Sorbonne University, France. In 2013 she has scored 93/100 and the EC has granted her with a €300,000 Marie-Curie scholarship for post-doctoral research at the Delft University (Netherlands).

Academic involvement: 

Since January 2016, she is Adjunct Associate Professor of the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia (attached to the Sustainability Research Centre), an associate member of the ENEC Research Laboratory of the Sorbonne University and CRNS and a senior researcher in the ETEM Research Laboratory of the Aegean University. She has been involved in in campus and e-learning teaching as invited lecturer from several Universities. She undertakes courses on Market, policy, governance, strategy and business around renewable energy and energy efficiency and Master and PhD theses supervisions. She has published around 50 research works in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, scientific volumes and proceedings of international conferences. She has co-edited the scientific volume “Renewable Energy Governance – Complexities and Challenges“ published in 2013 by Springer Ltd. The book scored 10,500 chapter downloads only in 2015. I am also reviewing original research works for scientific journals such as Energy and Buildings, Energy Policy and Applied Energy. 

Market involvement 

Since 1993 and for the last 23 years she was strongly involved in portfolios of high national significance; serving in the Power Public Corporation of Greece (PPC) and the Greek national Energy Regulator (RAE). Among her duties were: the Unbundling of PPC, the governmental monitoring of all Electricity Transmission and Renewable Energy Projects of Greece, the elaboration of the national Energy Efficiency Action Plan and the liberalization / regulation of both retail and wholesale national electricity markets of Greece. 

Since 2005, she is assisting the European Commission in the funding of EU proposals (worth of billions of euros) on Calls such as CEF –high performing, sustainable and efficiently interconnected energy trans-European networks-, LIFE Call –environmental technologies-, HORIZON 2020, ENERGY FACILITY for ACP countries. She also assists the EC in the training of energy key-stakeholders and networks in several Regions of EU interest. 

Services have been offered to more than 40 countries (in Regions such as EU, Eurasian, Caucasian, Black Sea, Pacific, Caribbean, African), but she is currently more active in the Pacific Region as she lives in Fiji islands. For example, she has worked with the South Korean Research Institute for Ships and Oceans (KRISO) on the entrepreneurship aspects of the installation of an OTEC plant in Kiribati islands. She also runs several projects in partnership with colleagues from UK and Australian Universities, GGGI and more. As an indication, her portfolio concerns a) the mapping and policy recommendations on grid-connected solar systems in the PICs of the Pacific Region [regional level], b) the optimization of energy mix with a view to achieve the Fijian INDC [national level], and c) the use of renewable energy as an adaptation tool against climate change (rural electrification policy / vulnerable communities) [local level]. As 1 Billion US$ will be now invested from the international community in the Pacific Region towards the development of sustainable energy projects; she now targets her research at all local, national and regional levels and aims in outcomes which will facilitate the good rate of return of this significant international investment. 

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