Digital Social Innovation Fair 2017, 1-2 February, Rome

Venue: Campidoglio, Rome
Date: 1 & 2 February 2017

How can we contribute to the Next Generation Internet?
How can the internet benefit both the individual and overall society?

The Digital Social Innovation Fair 2017 offers a rich program featuring an international conference, focused workshops, networking and hands-on sessions. The line-up of speakers includes experts and practitioners, as well as policy makers and civil society players from all over the world. Discussions and presentations will tackle and address fundamental collective human experience research and innovation challenges dictating what the Internet is used for and its benefits to both individuals and the overall society, which is at the core of the evolution towards the Next Generation Internet as the Internet for Humans.

The more the Internet of the Future will pervade transparently our everyday life, the more there will be the need of understanding and reshaping economic and societal behaviors.

Martel Media is working at full speed to promote this exciting event. Our team is busy on all fronts, website development and update, social network communication, newsletter campaign to the existing community and beyond, press office online and off-line, cross-sharing the news on all the partners’ and CAPSSI projects’ media online.

The communication started in late September, when the “Save the Date” campaign was launched at the Bratislava CAPSSI workshop and the event’s online registration opened. Since then, DSI Fair flyers have been distributed at several European events (5G Global Event in Rome, SCEW in Barcelona, NGI workshop in Brussels to name a few), while the twitter campaign keeps the audience informed with the latest update.

In early December the second wave of communication was launched with a dedicated website which gives a comprehensive overview to the event. Visitors may check the agenda (which is becoming richer and richer with new speakers joining in every day), the speakers’ bios, and the details of the magnificent location –Campidoglio – in the heart of Rome. The Municipality of Rome will host the event and guests will have the chance to spend two days in a cultural gem of Italian history, art and beauty!

The Digital Social Innovation Fair is organised by CAPSSI.

Register now, seats are limited.

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