Venue: Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: 26-28 October 2016

The Department of Strategic Environmental Analises at The Institute of Forest Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (IFE SAS) in cooperation with The James Hutton Institute is honoured to organize the first SITT SIMRA Workshop that will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia, from 26 to 28 October 2016. The first SITT SIMRA workshop is considered to be an important starting point for the co-construction of knowledge with key stakeholders. The aim of the workshop is to develop and maintain systematic knowledge exchange and a learning process via stakeholders’ consultations focusing on understanding and assessing social innovations. The processes will be diverse and interactive starting with a short introduction to social innovations, continuing with discussion rounds in small groups and finishing with a plenary session. Engagement of stakeholders from the very beginning of SIMRA is crucial for creating a transparent and open-ended approach to social innovations problem framing.

* SITT – Social Innovation Think Tank consists of invited stakeholders actively working in the field of SIMRA project.

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