'' EIT Climate-KIC Hub Onboarding & Partner Days EIT Regional Innovation Scheme '' held in Brussels on the 14 and 15 of June 2018.

The website of climate kic europe: http://www.climate-kic.org/


The Partners of EIT Climate KIC Hub in Greece are:

1). ATHENA Research & Innovation Information Technologies 


2). Academy of Athens 


3). Uni fund MAKE IT HAPPEN  


4). European Regional Framework for Co-operation: ERFC

5). http://www.unsdsn.gr/

6). Ιδρυμα Οικονομικών και Βιομηχανικών Ερευνών 


7). Eunice Energy Group (EEG) http://eunice-group.com/

8). Hellenic Republic Ministry of Environment and Energy Green Fund




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