Invitation - Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis: European Conference 2019

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce that the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis: European Conference 2019, the first ever European conference of the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis (SBCA, will be held at the Toulouse School of Economics, November 26-27.

The aim of the conference is to promote and improve the theory and application of the tools of benefit cost analysis (BCA) and to provide a forum for scientific exchange. The conference will cover both theory and empirical work, with both a research and a policy focus. The conference welcomes submissions on topics closely related to BCA such as non-market valuation, discounting, equity, social policy, regulation, implementation of BCA, etc., and applications to any public policy area, such are environment, transport, health, energy, etc., are encouraged.

More information is/will be available on the conference website:

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