ICRE8 has become a member of NETWERC H2O

NETWERC H2O is a European organization which promotes, supports and improves the application of sustainable practices in the use of water at regional and municipal level, becoming an efficient channel of communication and exchange of the latest smart technology for the benefit of our local communities be they capital cities or the smallest of villages. It is open to all those European regional and municipal governments who are concerned with the way we manage our most vital of all natural resources. All Full members are elected regional or local authorities whilst Associate members are those entities who are invited to become involved in the activities of NETWERC H20 and who, due to their knowledge and expertise, are able to enhance the capability of NETWERC H2O and who can offer clear assistance to the aims of the association. No member is under any obligation to follow a specific political policy.

For further information see: www.netwerch2o.eu

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