1st SMIRES Management Committee (MC) meeting - Brussels, March 11th 2016


Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (AUEB, ICRE8, LSE) attended the SMIRES Project first Management Committee (MC) meeting in Brussels, on March 11th 2016.

SMIRES aim is to bring together hydrologists, biogeochemists, ecologists, environmental economists, social researchers and stakeholders from 14 different countries to develop a research network for synthesising the fragmented and recent knowledge on IRES (intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams), improving our understanding of IRES ecology, and translating this into science-based, sustainable management of river networks.

A recap on the management structure of SMIRES which was approved by the MC members:

*Chair*: T Datry

*Vice-Chair*: G Singer

Working Group 1  leader/vice leader: E Sauquet, G Laaha

Working Group 2  leader/vice leader: V Acuña, P Koundouri

Working Group 3  leader/vice leader: D von Schiller, AM Zoppini

Working Group 4  leader/vice leader: R Stubbington, M Morais

Stakeholder Committee  (SHC) leader/vice leader: B Augeard / J England 

Short Term Scientific Mission  (STSM) coordinator, vice-coordinator: P Paril / K Banasik

Forum of Young Researcher  (FYR) coordinator: A Garcia 

The MC is currently composed of 37 members from 22 countries, and this will expand on the first year since any other COST countries can join very simply.

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