18th ANNUAL BIOECON CONFERENCE - “Instruments and Incentive Mechanisms for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Service Provision” @ Kings College, Cambridge, UK

Venue: Kings College, Cambridge, UK
Date: 14 -16 September 2016

Hosted by the London School of Economics (LSE), the Graduate Institute-Geneva (IHEID) and Cambridge University Department of Land Economy (UCAM)

Keynote Speakers: Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta, University of Cambridge, Professor Amy Ando, Illinois University

BIOECON 18 will be of interest to both researchers and policy makers working on issues in the area of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and sustainable development, in both developed and developing countries. In particular, we wish to explore the latest theoretical and empirical research on instruments and incentive mechanisms. The conference aims to present evidence on which instruments have worked and research on new instruments and incentive mechanisms that offer potential improvements or refinements on the existing toolkit. For instance, can conservation and environmental objectives be achieved via Conditional Cash/Social Transfers? How can Payments for Ecosystem Services be scaled-up from their current limited applications? What instruments can assist in conserving biodiversity as part of natural capital? The conference welcomes work on developed and developing country experiences.

Registration will open on Tuesday 7th June 2016. Registrations for conference presenters are due by 24th June 2016. Registration for all other participants closes on the 22nd August 2016.

Further registration details and all other conference information will be provided on the BIOECON website.

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